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MBS108010 Tai Chi 18 Short Form DVD (PAL)

MBS108010  Tai Chi 18 Short Form DVD (PAL)

MBS108010 Tai Chi 18 Short Form DVD (PAL)

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei is the foremost authority on Chen Style Tai Chi and the creator of the 18 Short Form. This form has been designed for beginners of Chen Style Tai Chi, and is part of the book Tai Chi for Health. The DVD includes an introduction, followed by a demonstration of the 18 Short Form with step by step instructions for each individual movement as well as explanations and breakdowns repeated from different camera perspectives and at different speeds with detailed commentary to maximize the benefits of practice and implementation. The video footage was filmed in a professional studio in China with the latest DVD authoring techniques enabling you to navigate and watch the DVD easily and efficiently. The commentary of the DVD includes English and Chinese with the introduction section covered by more languages includes English, Chinese, Spanish, Greek....

Publisher: Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
ISBN: 1904719163



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