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Tai Chi nunchaku(s)

Tai Chi nunchaku(s)

Tai Chi nunchaku(s)

Made of stainless steel for the nunchaku(s), Tai Chi nunchaku(s) are one of the short weapons in Tai Chi. Due to no special requirements to practitioners, anybody with or without kungfu foundation can learn it. The purpose of practising nunchaku can help practitioner to train sharp observation abilty and good habit of analysing things, also help to improve flexibilty, sensitivity of the body, and of course for the self-defence as well, but to be good like Brace Lee have to work hard. The measurement for the nunchaku(s) is as follows: Stick diameter: 2.2cm
Chain length: 20 cm
chuker length: 27.5 cm
Weight: 600g



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