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Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue

Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue

Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue

Liu Zi Jue, or The Six Sounds Approach is a traditional health and fitness practice focused on the breath-control. The exercises regulate and control the rise and fall of Qi (vital energy) inside the body and related inhalation and exhalation through different mouth forms- six in all- to breathe and pronounce 6 different words. As these exercises strengthen the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and San Jiao, respectively, Liu Zi Jue helps to balance the energy and functions of the internal organs. The exercises feature slow, gentle, extended and graceful movements and they are easy to learn, and easy to follow and are suitable for people of all ages and conditions of health.
Media: English book with a instructional dvd included
Publisher: Chinese Health Qigong Association



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