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DW045 Wudang Cream Taijiquan

DW045  Wudang Cream Taijiquan

DW045 Wudang Cream Taijiquan

Wudang Mountain is the famous scenic spot of Taoism. One day, Taoist Zhang sanfeng had watched the fight between snake and sparrow, at that night he dreamed that emperor "Xuan" taught him boxing. After that, he comprehended the theory inside Yin-yang and changes, and then he created Wudang style according to his feeling and idea. Wudang Kungfu had been famous all over the world since internal boxing formed with Zhang songxi, meanwhile Taoism has been famous for its Taijiquan so that there is a popular saying that "Kungfu number one in south is Wudang, in north is Shaolin".
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Duration: 64 mins
Publisher: People's Sports & Audio-video Publishing House



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