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We offer a full selection of tai chi (or taiji in Chinese) dvds, which include quan, sword, sabre, spear, tai chi applications etc, cover different tai chi styles such as Chen, Yang, Sun Wu, Wu(Woo), and are demonstrated or performed by these styles' direct-line inheritors such as Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (Chen style), Yang Zhenduo (Yang style), Sun Jianyun (Sun style) etc. We also offer a wide range of other Chinese martial arts dvds (e.g. Qigong, Shaolin, Xingyi, Baguazhang), and Taichi Videos, Taichi or Qigong Books and Chinese flok Music, Taichi Kungfu Suits, Kungfu for kids and Kungfu competition routines' dvds. Also we provide Chinese Language Learning DVDs/MP3/MP4/BOOK, Chinese Massage, Chinese Medicine (TMC) DVDs and Chinese culture related products (e.g. Chinese tea). In addition, we also provide consultancy for UK and China companies in business, commerical, and technical teaching, training and support. The services include business set-up, partner search, market research, network technique support (e.g. network security consultancy) , language translation, advertisements, publications, website design, web hosting, leaflet desiign, logo design, book and dvd publishing,etc.


Dragon Brother Graphic New Chinese Martial Arts DVDs and Other Products Are Currently Under Arrangement!

Hi everyone, just to let you know that our out of stock dvds and other new Chinese martial arts products are currently under arrangement, which are expected to be imported from China directly in the end of March or early of April. Please keep your eyes on this website for the latest news. Thank you. Brother Brothers
7th February 2015

Dragon Brother Graphic Master Liming Yue's New Series of DVDs Available Now!

Tai Chi dvd image Grandmaster Liming Yue's a series of Tai Chi and Qigong new DVDs are available now from our website.Please click the link Here for more information or a purchase. Thank you!
7th February 2015

Dragon Brother Graphic The Unique Chinese House Decrative Arts Available Now - Free Delivery from China Directly!

The Unique Chinese House Decrative Arts image In cooperation with our partners in China, Our online shop are now able to offer a full selection of Unique Chinese House Decorative Arts including both Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy, in which we guarantee that all the artworks are drawn and/or written by famous Chinese artists in person rather than by a machine, and all the artworks will be packed carefully and sent by our partners from China directly with free delivery charge.
22nd January 2015

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Exciting New Products (latest updated 07/04/2014) :

chen guizhen tai chi dvd image

Chen Guizhen Chen Style Tai Chi DVD (DW176)
Yingmen Quan dvd image

Yingmen (Face-toward) Quan(DW186)
tai chi dvd image

Zhu TianCai Chen Tai Chi DVD(DW193)
chen zhenglei tai chi dvd image

Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi (DW196)
liming dvds image

Liming Yue Tai Chi Sabre DVD (MBS108013)
bracelet image

hairclip image

Hairclips and Hairpins (CS002-CS009)
openable Pocket double-Mirrios image

Openable Pocket Double-Mirrios (CS010-CS011)

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